Thursday, April 2, 2009

April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and I have stumbled upon several resources that I thought I would pass along for those who might like to celebrate this poetic month.

  • The blog, Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer, is having a Poem a Day Challenge (PAD). Each day he will provide a poem prompt to get your poetic juices flowing.
  • For poetic inspiration, you can visit on Gregory K.’s blog, GottaBook. Every day this month he will be posting a previously unpublished poem by a different poet. A complete listing of the poets can be found in his 3/23 post, Announcing 30 Poets/30 Days. Yesterday he posted an amusing one from Jack Prelutsky, A Little Poem For Poetry Month, and today Midnight Stray by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. It is about a little stray cat, a subject very near and dear to my heart.
  • If you need more poetry prompts for the month, Poet & Writers is also having a Poetry Challenge with a new writing prompt or poetry-related assignment everyday during April.
  • Poet & Writers also has an article on their site on what the Academy of American Poets has planned for the month, including Poem in Your Pocket day on April 30th.
  • You can also sign up at Dailylit to receive though out the month 30 poems from late, great poets for free for those who would like a little poetry in their inboxes.
  • For the young poetry lovers in the Denver area, they can visit the children’s section in the Tattered Cover Book Store and write a poem or copy a favorite poetry verse onto a raindrop which then will be hung from the ceiling under a cloud for readers to enjoy spring poetry showers all during April.
  • If you belong to Facebook there are several poetry groups you can join such as, Facebook’s Poets & Writers Registry or World Salad Poetry Magazine.

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Gregory K. said...

Thanks for the link and for highlighting all the other fun stuff going for National Poetry Month, too. Good times. Good times!