Monday, April 20, 2009

Coffee and Comics

Enchanted Grounds CoffeeMy sister and I sort of made a New Year resolution that on our sister weekends we would try at least one new experience. Of course once we made that resolution because of this, that and other things I will remain in denial about, our first weekend did not take place until April. Since it had been over 5 months since our last sister weekend and our first one for 2009, we probably over did the "new things" as we jammed packed as much in two days as one possibly could which then kind of ended up reminiscent to a family vacation to Disneyland we took as kids (well I think we were in our 20’s and 30’s, but hey, we are still kids at heart even now in our, er, never mind). I remember the family loaded up in the suburban and drove from Colorado to California and back with stops at the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Disneyland, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, and every single “The World’s Biggest X” tourist trap imaginable in a week's time. It was basically get out of the car girls, take a picture, okay back in the car, on to the next stop. If you have watched Lampoon's European Vacation where the daughter collapse on the Louvre stairs and the son goes “...look you have killed her.” Yeah, the vacation and the weekend were a little like that. We will probably need to pace ourselves a little better for the next sister outings which hopefully will be in a couple of weeks versus 5 months.

Gees, that was a bit of a long-winded digression to make my way to comics and coffee. Sorry about that, I will not dally any longer. One of the sisters’ new experiences was the Enchanted Grounds. We went there because it had been voted best coffeehouse. What an awesome surprise to find out that they were also a comic book shop. The only thing better than browsing comics is browsing comics with a latte in hand. The staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable, we had a great in depth discussions on Umbrella Academy and Mouse Guard as well as art versus writing in comics. Besides my latte, I left with a handful of Fables and Invincible comics and my sister came home with a few Umbrella Academy, B.P.R.D., and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz comics. They also sale games, and my sister could not pass up the Gloom Playing Cards, where the object is to kill off your family. Can’t wait to play.

Enchanted Grounds Comics

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