Saturday, May 31, 2008

Starbucks Reading

I am terribly delinquent in posting this entry on the Willow May Goes to the Midnight Carnival Starbucks reading from the beginning of the month, but hopefully better late than never?

The illustrator, Mr. Icats, and I had a great time and want to thank all those who attended and to Anna West of Starbucks for hosting this event. Besides Starbucks goodies the kids also received Willow May coloring sheets and crayons, bookmarks, buttons, and temporary tattoos. The buttons were a huge hit and the favorites seemed to be the rock star werewolf, the dancing skeleton, and walking birdcage.

To see more pictures of the event you can visit the Photo Gallery on the publisher’s website. We are scheduled to do another reading at Starbucks on 7/10 at 10am for the KinderCare group. Again, thanks to everyone who came and I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Mr. Icats and fanMr. Icats with a Willow May fan

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman

The Books of Magic by Neil GaimanTimothy Hunter’s life is about to change forever when four men of the “Trench Coat Brigade” confront him with the question, “Do you believe in magic?” Then each man, John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult and Mister E, leads the boy on an unforgettable journey into the realm of magic, past, present, future, and the fairylands. But can these four journeymen be trusted? Is there a trader amongst them? Why is Timothy’s life in danger and will he decide to join their ranks in the world of magic?

Neil Gaiman once again takes hold of the imagination and does not let go until the last page is read. If you have his Sandman series then you will recognize some of the characters, but even if you haven’t, this book is still an enjoyable ride.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Indie Excellence 2008 Finalist Book Award

Willow May Goes to the Midnight CarnivalWillow May goes to the Midnight Carnival was named a Finalist in the Indie Excellence 2008 Book Awards. When I told the cast the news, to say they were excited would be an understatement. They threw a huge party to celebrate with cupcakes, music, and dancing. The Raven, who played the ringmaster, gave a humorous yet riveting speech giving a special thanks to the illustrator, Pamela McCarville, who did a fabulous job on his costume and the over all setting of the book. The Werewolf Band, who are true musicians outside the book, played all night long including a crowd favorite, Werewolves of London. Evelynn, the vampire who played the high wire performer, also thanked the illustrator for making her beautiful. She then thanked the production staff for accommodating her working hours and special dietary needs. The Zombies were ecstatic with the recognition of their acrobatic maneuvers and did want it known that they did their own stunts in the book, no stunt zombies were used.

Gabrielle, Luna, and Vivian, the dancing witches who played themselves in the book, were quite humbled by the award and apologized to management for the week delay in production when they turned the odd little fellow into a toad (a contractual misunderstanding). The tiny fellow thought the witches should personally apologize to him for the incident, but the dancing skeleton and his brother told him to leave well enough alone and gave him a cupcake, which was then stolen by his armadillo.

Unfortunately, Willow May, the star of the book was unable to attend the party. She is busy being written for the sequel, Willow May Goes to the Midnight Zoo. However, via satellite feed from the pages of her new book, she apologized for not being able to be there in person, but said she was there in spirit and thanked them all.

I too want to thank the characters of the book in addition to all those involved in this project, especially the illustrator, Pamela McCarville, and the Publisher, All Us All the Time Publishing, for making this dream come alive. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement, and thank you National Indie Excellence Book Awards for this honor and supporting small independent publishers and authors.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Other Statue by Edward Gorey

The Other StatueThis book, The Other Statue by Edward Gorey, is worth reading for the characters' names alone, Miss Underfold, Earl of Thump, Marquess of Wherewithal, his aunt, Lady Isobel Stringless, Dr. Maximilian Belgravius and his nephew, Luke Touchpaper, Fenks the butler, Rev. O. MacAbloo, Miss Quartermourning and other delightful nomenclature. Was the statue that crushed Lord Wherewithal blown from the parapet or pushed? And who took his beloved Lisping Elbow made of wax?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Children's Book Week

Children's Book WeekSince 1919, Children's Book Week has been celebrated nationally in schools, libraries, bookstores, clubs, private homes, and any place where there are children and books. To find out more about this celebration and scheduled activities visit the Children's Book Week website. You can also find a cute 2008 Children's Book Week bookmark that is not only a bookmark, but also a coloring sheet and paper doll. Visit the Children's Book Week website for this free download.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Shoppe and Tattered Cover

My sister was down last weekend and we decided to go have brunch at our new favorite cafe, The Shoppe. This time my husband chauffeured us and we all opted for the cornflakes. We also all went a little wild and threw in some bananas. My husband totally enjoyed himself, he later said he loved the atmosphere and they had great coffee. We planned for our next stop to be All In A Dream Comics, but unfortunately they did not open until noon and our chauffeur had places to be that afternoon. From there we headed over to the Tattered Cover Bookstore. After perusing their magazine selection, we headed over to the graphic novels where I grabbed a couple of Neil Gaiman but then ended up relinquishing one to my sister who also picked up a Terry Pratchertt. On our way to the children’s section we passed the humor books and I could not resist adding another book to my Edward Gorey collection, The Secrets: Volume One, The Other Statue. I think we know I will also need Volume Two, The Night Bandage.

Next we headed downstairs to the children’s section when what to our wondering eyes should appear....WILLOW MAY!!!!

I don’t think anybody thought it was strange for us to be taking our pictures next to it, do you?

Willow May

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Movie Iron Man

Iron ManMy sister and I went to see Iron Man this last weekend and I must award it 4.5 out of 5 cat whiskers. It had the perfect mixture of action interlaced with humor, not to mention an awesome sound track.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the CEO of Stark Industries, which produces advance weapon systems for the U.S. military. He is also a billionaire self-obsessed playboy who happens to be a genius when it comes to inventing technical gadgets. And let me just stop here to say that both my sister and I need his work lab and equipment, there is no way we can build us a super-power suit with our current set ups. Any way, Tony flies to Afghanistan to demonstrate a new weapon. On his way back terrorist using the same weapons he created attacks his convoy. He is wounded and held captive but builds a suit of armor to escape. Back in the states, he perfects his suit only to find out he is being betrayed by his own company.

I thought Robert Downey Jr’s comic timing was impeccable and I enjoyed the humorous chemistry between him and his personal assistant (Gwyneth Paltrow). There were several LOL’s.

I highly recommend this movie and will eagerly await Iron Man II due out in 2010.