Thursday, April 30, 2009

Introducting Gretel

I know that no one will believe us, but honestly we just went to look. No really, we were just going to look, seriously, that was all we were planing on doing when we visited the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center this past Monday. Then yesterday at 4pm, we went to pick up our new addition - Gretel:

The Buddy Center
At Buddy Center Greeting her new Mommy & Daddy (she cried all the way home, for a little thing, she has quite the set of vocal chords)
The first glimpse of the new home.
We knew the family would want lots of snap shots but at first she was just too quick for us.

Too many things to explore in her new home:

Then we had to play and play and play.
Finally after the first quarter of the Nuggets we finally conked out.

And here are the money shots.

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Betsy said...

Oh Staci,
She just couldn't be more adorable. And I can't believe how much she looks like 'Trixi'!
You know don't you, that you didn't find her, she found you. You were led to the Rescue League by her at that date and that time. And, who knows, but she could be Trixi's reincarnation. I totally believe in that.
By the way, did you cut your hair?.
Looks like it in the photos!