Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekly Kitty Fix - String Toy

I think one needs to ask themselves why one is not playing string toy with me...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sister Vacay - Day 2

At this rate it will be next summer by the time I get all of our sister vacay photos posted. I swear, summer days are at least 5 hours less than other days of the year.

This first one is another one from Day 1 of the Sister Vacay on our visit to the Dillon Cemetery. Can't believe I forgot to do the Woodman of the World grave. Ever since we did the article on them for our Tale of the Tombs, we find at least one in every cemetery we have visited:

On Day 2 of the Sister Vacay we went to Frisco. Their main street is filled with cute little shops and cafe and only a few blocks, which made it perfect for a morning stroll. Of course we had to start our day with our morning lattes. When I did a Google search before our trip of coffee shops in Frisco, Abbey's Coffee came up. There was no picture of the shop but it resonated with me because one of my sister's beagle's name is Abby, but in no way thought they coffee place was named after a puppy, because that would just be too big of a coincidence. Well guess what? IT WAS named for their puppy and by far our FAVORITE coffee spot of the trip, good coffee and great folks. In fact we even had to go back the next day to begin our story boarding of Issue #2 of the Edible Raven (okay, we even stopped there on Day 4 on our way back home). Can't go wrong with lattes and puppies.

After we strolled main street of Frisco, we found a nice cafe where we ordered black bean, pepper and hummus wraps for our picnic at the Breckenridge Cemetery. How excited were we that right inside the gates of the cemetery was a picnic table waiting for us? Very excited.

The Breckenridge Cemetery appears to be much older than the Dillon one we visited the previous day (and still not the one we can remember from vacationing in Colorado as kids). Besides being set amongst the lodge pole pines, it was interesting because there were several fenced in small plots and they didn't necessarily appear to be family plots. They also had one section for just Masons, unfortunately my picture of the fancy entrance way to that section did not turn out. Then at the back of the cemetery they just had several small metal stakes that barely peaked over the tall grasses. We are guessing that these were old pioneer graves who did not have any family in the area or left to identify them or were never identified in the first place. We are also guessing that this was not the original resting place for them but had to be relocated due to flooding in the cemetery. We also were fascinated by all the fire rings in a densely wooded section also at the back of the cemetery. We were guessing it must be quite the happening place after dark...

Another Woodman of the World, you can read about their history on the web page, Tale of the Tombs. I will have to get these additional pictures added to the Woodman collection.

After our cemetery jaunt we went back to our condo and collapsed for the evening. Yes, we are true party animals.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Kitty Fix - Sun Roses

When you have kitties, everything comes out smelling like a rose (or in this case sun roses)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend in the Mountains

Lakeit after a hard game of chuck and chase

Tasha decking it after her evening walk to the trail head.

Sunset at the trail head.

More sunset at the trail head.

Playing around with Photoshop.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sister Vacation - Day 1

Last month my sister and I took a 3-day jaunt up to Breckenridge to celebrate her birthday while recharging the creative engines.

We had an absolute blast and now it is time to bore you with my vacation photos. I know, I know, they don't hold a candle to kitty pictures, but if you will oblige...


We are always on the look out for Ravens for our Wednesday Edible Raven Post. Also, we come from an avid family of golfers, so was this kismet or what?

It took us 2 hours to reach the small mountain town of Dillon, and I think you know the only thing we had in mind...

Here is Kula's Coffee in Dillon Colorado

Ah, that really hit the spot.

We come from a long line of cemetery walkers on my Mom's side. Can still remember picnicking on the the stones with Grannie and my Great Aunt Helen. Several years ago, my sister, Mom & I can remember going to a cemetery that was basically went up the side of a mountain and the stones were weaved between the lodge-pole pines. It didn't have many older graves, and quite a few were of young folks that had past on in the early 1970's. We could have sworn that was the Dillon Cemetery, but as soon as my sister and I turned down the road we knew it wasn't the one we were remembering. So now we have a little mystery on where on earth was that cemetery on the mountain side? Meanwhile though, we did take a gander through Dillon's. It too does not have many older graves, but can definitely tell it was a pioneer cemetery with its layout. They did have some unique markers.

And yes, that is an alien head.

We then went on to Breckenridge. We had some time to kill before we could check into our condo, so how about some more coffee? You bet! And as you can see, the Kava Coffee Shop Baristas are a bit more flamboyant than the one you will find at Amazing Origins at Isis, Tues-Thurs.

After we checked in and nourished ourselves, we went for an evening walk to the Breckenridge Art District. We passed this motorcycle on the way.

Here is who rides in the side car.
I am closing DAY 1 OF SISTER VACAY with a few sculptures we stumbled upon in the Art District. The creative juices were starting to boil...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Kitty Fix - A Heck of a Weekend

Taking it easy after the electricfying holiday weekend.