Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting Crafty

Trying to get more crafty in my older age so last weekend I painted coffins...what?!?


Friday, October 30, 2009

Kitties First Snow

Hansel, how did all this white stuff get on our deck?!?

Kitties first snow
I so need to get those little flakes
Snow Gretel
It is not only on our deck but all over our back yard too
Hansel and Gretel
What are you going to do about this?
Kitties in Window

Okay, we may be over it now.
Kitties bathing

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Foilage

Playing around with the camera in our front and back yard trying out a a few pointers I have picked up in the CreativeTechs online photography class with John Greengo. Excellent class, I have learned a lot even with having a point and shoot camera. Perhaps one day I will be able to afford an SLR. Dare to dream...of lenses.

No Photoshop was done on these next two photos, the color change was done with lowering the shutter speed and aperture.

What the chair would look like if I lived with my sister
What the chair looks like today

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hiking in the Mountains - Part 3

The final grouping of the hiking photos, tomorrow I will have some exciting backyard fall foilage shots. I know you are shivering with anticipation.

Must always start out with man and his hiking dog, LaKeitRob and LaKeit
Moss on a rockMoss
Now with the 3 series of water photos. Wasn't as happy with these, will need to look at my class notes on how to keep the exposure down when the shutter is open for a length of time and your apeture is at its lowest.

Fast shutter speedFreeze Motion Water
Medium shutter speedRushing River
Slow shutter speedBlurred River
On these two I was playing with both shutter speed and depth of field.

Fast shutter and greater depth of fieldRiver
Slow shutter speed and less depth of fieldRiver on Trail
Eventually she will just come and de-install Photoshop from my machineFunky Water
Oh yes, more playing with PhotoshopFunky Moss
One last view of those gorgeous mountains on our way out of townMountains

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hiking in the Mountains - Part 2

More pictures from our hike up in the mountains a couple a weeks ago.

Man and his dog...on a hikeRob and LaKeit
Reflection of trees in water, in hind-sight I think a better composition would have been 25% landscape behind water and 75% water vs. the 10/90 because I think it is hard to make outReflection of Trees
Mighty hikers on bridgeBridgeThe next series is again me playing with the shutter speed, starting with a fast shutter speed to stop the action of the water and then steadily increased the shutter speed to blur or get a cloud effect with the water.

Fast shutter speed
Rushing WaterMedium shutter speed
StreamSlow shutter speed
Blurred Stream
Again, playing around with Photoshop to the dismay of my sister (Photoshop guru), but I did make the water purple for herPurple Stream
Another view of that mountain range on the way homeMountains
I will try to get the last of the shots posted tomorow.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiking in the Mountains

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I took a late anniversary trip up to the folks and hiked down to the river. I am taking a photography class through CreativeTechs so I ventured out of the Auto mode for these shots (side note: if you are not familiar with CreativeTechs please check them out as they offer a lot of great online courses, and trust me, you can't beat the price). I took way more photos than I thought thus I will post them through out the week versus inundated my Mom with them all at once, since she is probably the only one looking at them.

Start of the trail headTrail Head
Reflection of tree in waterTree Reflection
Mighty HikerMighty Hiker
Trying to be artisticTwigs
These next 3 are a series of rushing water pictures where I started out with a fast shutter speed to stop the action of the water and then steadily increased the shutter speed to blur or get a cloud effect with the water.

Fast shutter speed (or as fast as a point and shoot can do)
Stop Motion Water
Medium shutter speedMedium Motion Water
Slow shutter speedBlurred Water
Playing with Photoshop to the dismay of my sister (Photoshop Guru)Colored Water
Mountain scene driving back homeMountains

Will post more tomorrow.