Friday, April 3, 2009

Fables Volume 3: Storybook Love by Bill Willingham

Fables Vol.3: Storybook LoveTo recap for those not familiar with the Fables series, fairytale characters such as Snow White, Prince Charming, Briar Rose, Big Bad Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, Jack Horner, Goldilocks, and the like, are driven from their magical worlds and kingdoms by the Adversary. Those immortal fables that can pass as humans live in a secret community in New York City and those fables that cannot are forced to live on a large secluded farm in upstate NY to keep them hidden from the mundane (humans).

In Fables Volume 3: Storybook Love, we begin the main story with a reporter who threatens to expose the Fable community. With their leader Snow White still recovering from the failed assignation attempt against her life by Goldilocks, it is up to the other Fables to come up with a plan to stop this story from hitting the presses. Then when Snow is well enough to return to work, she and Bigby Wolf, find themselves once again being hunted down by the vicious killer Goldilocks. Will having to rely on each other for survival bring them closer together or drive them apart for good?

There are also two bonus stories in this volume. It starts out with a tale with Jack Horner trying to hustle the Devil playing cards in the swamp and ends with a story about the tiny folk and their quest for the jar of magic barleycorn.

Needless to say I am hooked on this series, already have book 4 in hand.

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