Friday, March 27, 2009

Splurge Purchase

After a long day I dragged myself into Starbucks to catch up on my daily caffeine. After I ordered my drink I saw on the counter these little shot mugs with matching saucers. The Barista heard my gasp and said he had to buy one the night before because they were just too cute to pass up. I tried to be strong, but it was taking awhile to pull the shots for my drink and one never thinks clearly on a de-caffeinated brain. The Barista went on to tell me they were on sale for $4.99 and as a Gold Card member I got an additional 10% off that, really, it was practically destiny that it would come home with me:

Little Shot Mug
Oh, do I drink shots? Nope, not at all, the latte is my drink and requires this size of cup:

Big Mug
Yes, that's right, I have absolutely no use for it at all. But isn't it just so adorable?

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Pamela McCarville said...

OMG!!!!!! They are "adorable." Now it they still have them when I'm down and they are still on sale . . . .