Friday, June 13, 2008

Children of the Night Tide

Children of the Night TideChildren of the Night Tide is a graphic novel from Fantagraphic Books. It is two short stories of fantasy by Jan Strnad. The Sea Dragon, illustrated by Dennis Fujitake, is about a young dragon that is not content staying in a cave with his mother guarding their treasure. Despite her warnings he slips out of the cave at night into his ocean playground sinking ships and terrorizing pirates. The Goblin Child illustrated by Tim Solliday, is a classic tale of the changeling, where a human child is replaced by a goblin. When the father refuses to kill the goblin, it promises him and the mother it will help them rescue their real son.

Though written in 1980’s, both stories seem from the 1880’s, and like fairytales of the past, they are not necessarily happily ever after tales, but magically written and illustrated.

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