Monday, June 9, 2008

Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe

BunniculaLet me just say up front I cannot give an objective review on this book. As you may have gathered from Trixi Thursdays, I am a cat person.

Bunnicula is a story about a family with two boys, Pete and Toby, a dog named Harold and a cat named Chester. Life is good at the Monroe household until one stormy night a stray rabbit is found and becomes the new family pet. This tale is told from the dog’s point of view. Right there I think you see my problem, what cat is going to let a dog tell their story? Of course Chester sees right away that this fluffy little being is no more than a vegetable sucker of the night. However, in his efforts to save his family from this bunny terror, he ends up suffering the brunt of several miscalculated hare ridding plans. I think us cat people know, fangs or no fangs, who would really win a feline vs. bunny battle, or just be disgusted and ignore the whole situation; really the family is on their own.

Other than that small issue, it is a quick read and a cute story, though more in a Tom & Jerry sort of way than a frightening one. Actually, it wasn’t scary at all, which since I tend to go to the dark side rather quickly, I was also little disappointed in that fact. However if you are a dog or bunny person, and looking more for amusement than the scare factor, you should enjoy this book.

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