Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Weekend in the Mountains Gone to the Dogs

We hadn’t seen the folks since Christmas so we were long past due a trip up. Thus we headed off to the mountains this past weekend for a double birthday and late Valentines celebration. All week we had unseasonable highs in the 70’s and 80’s and then here came Saturday:

Snow Scene
Despite the cold, snow and gale like winds we still had a great time. Celebrated Mom and me staying forever young with cake and homemade ice cream, then those who could, partook in a little Valentine Day chocolate (okay, I am the one who is allergic to chocolate...they tell me I am adopted and not from this world). Then our evening entertainment was Hellboy 2, which I can only speak for my sister and myself, but we quite enjoyed it. We could barely contain ourselves during Hellboy’s and Abe Sapien’s rendition of Barry Manilow’s I Can’t Smile Without You. The only downside of the weekend is we lost an hour and really could have used it for a little extra shut eye or rubbing puppies' bellies.

Here are a few (okay several) photo snaps of Saturday’s walking of the dogs and then Sunday’s puppy park visit:

Walking puppies on a cold blustery day:

Rob and LaKeit

Rob & Puppy

Mountain Trail

Funny PuppyDid I hear we were going to the puppy park?!?!


Puppy Park

LaKeit Fetching


Puppies Playing


My BallMy Ball!

Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

There She Is

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Pamela McCarville said...

And I don't know about you, but the song is still going through my mind. Over and over and over . . . .