Friday, March 26, 2010

Edible Raven T-Shirt

Edible Raven
All Us All the Time, the publisher of the Edible Raven magazine, is having a Pre-launch Contest where you win yourself an Edible Raven T-Shirt (I know I am prejudice, but I think they are pretty darn cool).

Just go to their event page on Facebook, RSVP that you are attending their contest (no physical attendance required), then leave a comment on that page naming either your favorite Edward Gorey Story, Neil Gaiman book, or Tim Burton movie. A winner will then be drawn on Tuesday morning, 3/30, naming the lucky recipient of the cool purple t-shirt with a raven on it. The contest runs through midnight 3/29.

It sounds like they are getting close for the release of the first edition of the Edible Raven magazine (available through MagCloud), with stories from yours truly, Icats Nitram and another voice in my head, Iris T. Catman, featuring awesome eye candy from Pamela McCarville. Getting so excited!!!

Raven T-Shirt

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