Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Edible Raven Sneak Peek

Divine Library Title PageHere is another sneak peek from the Edible Raven magazine due out soon. This peek is the title page of The Divine Library, a story written by one of the other voices in my head, Iris T. Catman, the one that doesn’t talk to me in rhyme.

This story is for those who not only love reading books, but love to have their shelves stuffed end to end with collections of them to have at their finger tips when need be. My sister is one of such people and I will never forget the email she sent me with the image of the new trend of color coordinating your books with the message in all caps “HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO FIND MY BOOKS!”

Then shortly after I read an article in a decorating column on how to dress up your book shelves by not only color coordinating your books, but also by stacking them in different geometric shapes or putting them on the shelf backwards. Again, I am sure very stylish, that is unless you want to find American Gods by Neil Gaiman but it ended up as part of the base of your middle shelf’s book octagon sculpture.

When I finished reading the article a glimmer of a story popped in my head and remained there, well, for over a year before Iris decided to allow it to come out. It is basically a short nonsensical story about an interior designer allowed to run loose in a library, though decorators may actually find it more of a how-to book and true book lovers may view it more as a horror story.

Oh, and the illys my sister created to accompany the story are out of this world, both figuratively and literally.

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