Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hiking in the Mountains - Part 3

The final grouping of the hiking photos, tomorrow I will have some exciting backyard fall foilage shots. I know you are shivering with anticipation.

Must always start out with man and his hiking dog, LaKeitRob and LaKeit
Moss on a rockMoss
Now with the 3 series of water photos. Wasn't as happy with these, will need to look at my class notes on how to keep the exposure down when the shutter is open for a length of time and your apeture is at its lowest.

Fast shutter speedFreeze Motion Water
Medium shutter speedRushing River
Slow shutter speedBlurred River
On these two I was playing with both shutter speed and depth of field.

Fast shutter and greater depth of fieldRiver
Slow shutter speed and less depth of fieldRiver on Trail
Eventually she will just come and de-install Photoshop from my machineFunky Water
Oh yes, more playing with PhotoshopFunky Moss
One last view of those gorgeous mountains on our way out of townMountains

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