Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hiking in the Mountains - Part 2

More pictures from our hike up in the mountains a couple a weeks ago.

Man and his dog...on a hikeRob and LaKeit
Reflection of trees in water, in hind-sight I think a better composition would have been 25% landscape behind water and 75% water vs. the 10/90 because I think it is hard to make outReflection of Trees
Mighty hikers on bridgeBridgeThe next series is again me playing with the shutter speed, starting with a fast shutter speed to stop the action of the water and then steadily increased the shutter speed to blur or get a cloud effect with the water.

Fast shutter speed
Rushing WaterMedium shutter speed
StreamSlow shutter speed
Blurred Stream
Again, playing around with Photoshop to the dismay of my sister (Photoshop guru), but I did make the water purple for herPurple Stream
Another view of that mountain range on the way homeMountains
I will try to get the last of the shots posted tomorow.

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