Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Edible Raven Magazine

Edible RavenIt's here! The Edible Raven magazine is now on MagCloud. The two stories, The Curious Curse and The Divine Library, will hopefully be a fun read, a little nonsense diversion for the day. They are definitely influenced by my favorite writer Edward Gorey.

A 5-Star rating for the Edible Raven's eye-candy. The illustrations by Pamela McCarville are fantastic. I love the one of the Curse in the hearse with Finn sitting on a stack of pies. Then I need every single knick-knack in the Divine Library to decorate my office. Talk about inspiration. I love them and see something new every time I look at those library shelves.

We already have two stories worked up for issue #2 and started to storyboard them this past weekend. I am psyched!!

Would love for you to take a look at Edible Raven Issue #1, A Curious Debut, on MagCloud. At MagCloud you can preview the magazine and if you would like, also follow it.


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