Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Four of The Dresden Files: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Summer KnightNot a good time for our favorite wizard detective. His girl friend has left town to deal with an identity crisis, the Red Court of vampires wants his head, and the white council is all too eager to deliver it to them. Just when it seemed things could not get worse, the Winter Knight is murdered and the Winter Queen of Faerie comes to Dresden to figure out who-dun-it. As it turns out, you don’t really have a choice when a Queen of Faerie offers you a job, you take it. No pressure though. If Dresden can’t figure out who killed the knight, it only means his death. Oh, and did I mention he only had a couple of days to figure it out?

We have trolls, assassin ghouls, tree creatures, changelings and that is just in the Walmart parking lot. I really enjoyed this one with the two realms of the faerie world, Winter and Summer as well as the thought of these worlds being underneath our cities in subway tunnels or on hotel rooftops.

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