Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sister Weekend

Had a whirlwind weekend with the sis. On Saturday we were planning on beginning the day at the Paris Flea Market but did not get the early start that we had initially planned thus had to pass that one by. They have the flea market the first Saturday of every month May through October at Aspen Grove, we are hoping the timing works out that we can still catch it before it ends.

Jerry’s Artarama ended up being our first stop of the day for sketching materials. Okay actually Starbucks drive-thru was our first stop, and then it was on to Jerry’s. After that we hit the garage sale at Meininger’s Art Supply Store. Besides more sketching materials, my sister picked up a very cool purple and black candle with spiders and cobwebs, as one does at an art store. Lunchtime! So off to our favorite cereal and cupcake shop, The Shoppe. Which, we found out they are now open on Sunday’s for brunch which includes a waffle bar AND you can get frosting on your waffles, if that isn’t reason enough to get out of bed, I don’t know what is.

After a fortifying bowl of cereal, we headed off for the Sketch Crawl at City Park. To make things more interesting I took several wrong turns heading us in all directions except towards the park. Once we finally arrived, an hour late, we found us a nice shady spot. My sister sketched a building while I finished up Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Volume 10: The Wake. Next we headed home via Tokyo Joes for an evening of playing with Gretel.

The following morning we went to our new favorite Comic/Coffee shop, Enchanted Grounds, where we sipped lattes, brainstormed on library sketches, and of course, looked at comics. Then we headed off to Parkerfest to take in the festivities in old town Parker, including the farmers market and live music from the best blues band in Denver, Roadhouse Joe. Unfortunately the day was cut short due to inclement weather (i.e., a tornado), thus it was back home for more playing with Gretel.

I took my camera with me as I was going to take lots and lots of pictures to have a visual documentation of our weekend, instead, these were the only photos I ended up taking:

Gretel Sleeping
Gretel Close-up
Gretel in Snuggle
TP Gretel

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