Friday, May 15, 2009

Hellboy 5: Conqueror Worm by Mike Mignola

Hellboy 5 Conqueror WormIn Hellboy 5: Conqueror Worm, Hellboy and his colleague Roger the Homunculus, who we were introduced to in Hellboy 3’s Almost Colossus, are sent to investigate the ruins of a castle in Austria where Nazis conducted scientific experiments under the direction of our favorite mad scientist, that crazy head in a glass jar, Herman Von Klempt. Their experiments included launching a space capsule that in the future will land back on earth with an evil spirit from the stars that will put an end to mankind as we know it. Well, as you may have already guessed, that future is now. Hellboy and Roger must battle undead Nazis and Von Klempt’s Frankenstein Ape (#10) to intercept the capsule and destroy its single passenger before it destroys them. Will they make it in time? Who is the lobster costumed-adventurer that comes to their aide? Why did B.P.R.D. plant a bomb in Roger? Is this Hellboy’s final mission? Did Mike Mignola manage to weave Poe’s poem Ligeia through out the story? Okay I will answer that last one. Yes, yes he did!

P.S. The gallery at the back of the book shows where Mike Mignola got some of his ideas for the illustrations including how he based the torture harness control box on a parking meter outside his apartment.

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