Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sister's Halloween Party

Still recovering from the Annual Martin Macabre All Hallows Eve Ball from this past weekend. My sister puts it on and it is always a “spooktacular” event from the intriguing invitations to the eerie edibles.

She totally out did herself on the invites, which were coffins...and not the kind out of paper. They were decorated miniature wooden coffins with the invites inside. And did I mention they glowed in the dark? Oh yes my fine fiendish friends, they so glowed in the dark.

She served spider-spun confections, phantom pizza pies, and chilling desserts. Her table decorations were simply sinister and I was quite impressed with the feature she had at the head of the table, though it was not.

Witch Hats
Table Decor
NuggetAfter devouring our feast, we all gathered around and watched the lyrical tale of personal hygiene gone awry, Sweeney Todd.

It was a marvelously macabre evening.

Here is one of the awesome invitations she made:

Coffin Invitation
Coffin Invite
Coffin Invite

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