Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sandman World’s End Volume 8 by Neil Gaiman

Two co-workers are driving back to Chicago late one night when it starts to snow. Despite the fact it was June, Brant did not think this odd, just slowed down from eighty to sixty. He thought about waking Charlene but she was sleeping so soundly. That is when something huge and strange ran out on to the road causing Brant to lose control of the vehicle through a fence, down an embankment before crashing into a tree. After pulling Charlene out of the wreckage the two made their way through the storm to an Inn, The World’s End.

At the Inn, they encountered individuals and creatures from different realms and times than their own. As the visitors waited out the storm they gathered and shared their stories. From the politics of Faire to an air burial in Necropolis Litharge, each of tales takes you on an imaginative and sometimes mystical journey. But what drew all these strangers to the World’s End? What is behind this epic storm? And will Brant and Charlene be able to make their way back home?

World's End is one of my favorites of the Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman. Rich imaginative storytelling where you never quite know where the path is leading you, but you are loving the ride. It is really a story within a story and sometimes there is even a story within that story.

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