Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Willow May Book Party

At the end of the block where balloons swayed from a tree,
there was a house full of music, food, books and glee.

At the Willow May book party there was cake,

Willow May Cakeand more cake,

Victor Grimsby Cakethere were pumpkin, black cat, and polka-dotted bat cookies,

circus peanuts too,

Circus Peanuts
there were ravens lurking everywhere,


there were tarot cards for fortunes to tell,

Willow May Tarot
or look into Madame Pamela's crystal ball,

Crystal Ballthere were books to be signed,

Willow May Books
and there were werewolves.


Oh yes, there were werewolves!


There were many more surprises at the mysterious Willow May book party, come back tomorrow and see more of the fun.

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