Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Five of The Dresden Files: Death Masks by Jim Butcher

If the Shroud of Turin was stolen I think it is quite obvious on who you would call to get it back. That’s right, Harry Dresden – Wizard. A representative from the Vatican, Father Vincent, contacts Dresden to help them locate the stolen Shroud of Turin, which they believe, has been taken to Chicago. Could this be related to the headless and mutilated corpses that he has been asked by the SI detectives to help identify? And who or should I say what is also after the Shroud and appears to want Dresden dead?

Then if that is not enough to deal with, there is also that pesky little duel to the death with the Red Court Vampire Duke to end the war between the vampires and wizards. Oh, I should also probably mention that Harry's ex-girlfriend and the new man in her life show up on his doorstep. In other words just the typical non-stop action adventure can’t put down Dresden File book.

I just love the Harry Dresden character. Probably because I too have the attitude that it doesn’t matter how bad, dark and bleak it can always get worse. On to book 6.

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