Friday, August 7, 2009

Fables Volume 8: Wolves by Bill Willingham

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the previous volumes of Bill Willingham’s Fables series.

Fables: WolvesFables Volume 8: Wolves continues with Mowgli’s search for Bigby and we find out what Prince Charming has in store for the wolf once Mowgli finds him. Meanwhile, Snow is trying to control her changeling children and their Grandfather, the North wind, decides it is time to blow from the farm. Not a lot of side storied in this book, mainly just follows Mowgli’s search for Bigby and the mission they need to wolf to accomplish. There is an additional bonus story at the end of Cinderella undercover antics, which includes playing an ear doctor to a giant and changing into a mouse.

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