Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fool Moon; Book Two of the Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher

Fool Moon Dresden FilesMy goodness how much can a wizard take? Well obviously quite a bit, as our leading wizard Dresden is beaten, shot, arrested, bitten, kidnapped and beat up some more. In every chapter you are going “ on earth is he going to get himself out of this one?”

In Jim Butcher's second Dresden Files book, Fool Moon, once again Dresden is called upon by the Chicago Police when a spree of brutal murders have taken place when the moon is full. With the crime scenes covered in paw prints and teeth marks on the victims, it really doesn’t take a wizard to figure out who, or should I say what, is doing the killings. However it may be more than one wizard can handle to stop them.

If you like slow-paced stories, this is not one of them. Non-stop action, no seriously, non-stop!

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