Monday, July 7, 2008

Castle Waiting By Linda Medley

I just finished another graphic novel from Fantagraphics Books, Castle Waiting written and illustrated by Linda Medley. What I thought was going to end up being a retelling of the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty, in graphic novel form, turned out to be much more. Oh, it still had castles, magic, mystical creatures, and happily ever after's. But not how, where or who you were expecting. All through the book I kept thinking I knew where the story line was leading, but it kept taking engaging twist and turns. I was pleasantly surprised all the way to the end. Castle Waiting is full of colorful characters, humor, and intriguing storytelling. At 457 pages, the hardcover book looks like an old fashion novel that was misplaced on the shelf with the rest of the graphic novels. Medley’s entertaining illustrations are a perfect compliment to her stories. I must say not only was it a fun book to read, but also looked quite charming on the nightstand.

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